Sometimes you need a little assistance to get a program going or to keep it going. We are available to assist you in this endeavor with our experienced staff. Below you will find the various services we offer. We are happy to tailor a custom plan that will help get you where you want to be with family ministry. 


The first hour of consulting is totally free. We will help assess your needs and come up with a custom plan to move forward with you. Our rate is $75 per hour.   

Contract Family Life Ministers

Our Family Life Ministers are trained in our mission and suite, ready to step in where needed to run or assist in family ministry in your context. You can hire a member of our team for a contacted amount to assist you in the following ways:  


We can run or provide a speaker for a family event, which includes planning and executing. Fees vary based on the scope of the event and supplies needed.   


We can come along side a staff member or volunteer that is in charge of your family ministry to assist them in set-up, training and implementation of the suite. Our focus is on training with the end goal of leaving your ministry in capable hands.  

Full Service

There are times when a more consistent solution is needed. We can provide a full service part-time minister that will be responsible for the set-up, training, implementation, and assessment of the Pathways suite.