At Home

In these 2 self-led sessions, parents will reflect on their experience of faith growing up and decide on how they want to move forward as a family inspired by God's vision for them. 


At Church

Parents will experience Alpha, an independent and free evangelization program, together in small groups leading to a personal encounter with Christ and a sense of belonging to the Church community. 

Through the course of 6 self-led mini series parents will be equipped with an essential understanding of the the faith and empowered to share what they learn with their children over 6 Family Meetings in their home. 

We recommend for the 20-21 year for all families in faith formation to experience Belong and Believe together.   

Becoming a disciple is a lifelong process. With an ever growing number of courses and Family Meetings available for parents to engage as individuals or in small groups, they will be invited to deepen their knowledge of the faith and be equipped for mission in the world. Courses include topics on the moral life, prayer, spiritual gifts and more.   

Coming Spring of 2021

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