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Claim is a Baptism parent experience, with a special component for godparents. Those preparing to have a child baptized will be invited to dive deep into the imagery and mystery of being claimed as a child of God through water and the Spirit.


Claim is an at home experience designed for parents who are seeking to have their infant or child Baptized in the Church. Over 4 at home parent meetings and 1 godparent meeting they will be prepared to actively participate in the Rite and be inspired to live out their faith in their homes.

Parent Meeting 1
Claimed by Name
Parents naming rights and responsibility to be the primary educators in the faith.
Parent Meeting 2
Deep Roots
Faith is passed down from one generation to the next. We are part of a spiritual family tree with deep roots.
Godparent Meeting
A reflection for godparents and an encouragement on how to best live out their special role.
Parent Meeting 3
Why Water?
The natural and supernatural signification of water throughout salvation history and in our lives today.
Parent Meeting 4
Signs and Symbols
Dive into the Explanatory Rites and how sacramentals keep us open to grace.
Parent Meeting 5
A resource to help lead a prayer experience at the Baptism celebration.

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