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Claim is an at-home experience designed for parents who are seeking to have their infant or young child Baptized in the Church. Over 5 at-home Parent Meetings and 1 Godparent Meeting they will be prepared to actively participate in the Rite and be inspired to live out their faith in their homes.


Parent Meeting 1
Claimed by Name
Parents naming rights and responsibility to be the primary educators in the faith.
Parent Meeting 2
Deep Roots
Faith is passed down from one generation to the next. We are part of a spiritual family tree with deep roots.
Godparent Meeting
A reflection for godparents and an encouragement on how to best live out their special role.
Parent Meeting 3
Why Water?
The natural and supernatural signification of water throughout salvation history and in our lives today.
Parent Meeting 4
Signs and Symbols
Dive into the Explanatory Rites and how sacramentals keep us open to grace.
Parent Meeting 5
A resource to help lead a prayer experience at the Baptism celebration.

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