“Our families have had so much fun, special time together, and an even greater gift for some – the dads have gotten involved with their children’s faith formation. This is a huge accomplishment. We’ve had Moms in tears telling us how much it has meant to have their husbands involved.”

- Director from California

“I am very impressed by the content, simplicity, organization, and depth... I love the gentleness and the key message of each one.”

- Director from California


“The families doing the program have nothing but great and positive comments, they are loving it. Learning as a family about Jesus has been a wonderful new experience for them.”

- Director from Nevada

“Our parents love this program!  The resources provided give them confidence to teach their children, and the activities reinforce the teaching in a concrete and engaging way.  Families are learning to pray together, and even the emerging readers look forward to participating in reading the prayers. The meeting format provides an environment for dialogue whether it is about scripture, or God, or affirming one another.  One family was so excited to start Nourish that they had their first meeting before the scheduled meeting time.  Another family has decided to start reading the Bible together each day.  One Dad who has always found ways to teach his boys while at Mass, now sees himself as the primary faith educator for his boys in their home.


The children’s reaction is best expressed by the smiles on their faces in pictures we receive and their eagerness to participate in each meeting.


We have worked in Catholic education for decades and have always desired greater parent involvement and engagement in faith formation.  Covid and your program have provided an opportunity for three of our families to experience Religious Education in a new way. Not only are the children well prepared for the sacraments, but these families are building a faith life in their homes.  What they have experienced this year hopefully will be the beginning of an amazing journey together.


We appreciate the creativity and beautiful packaging of the Mend and Nourish boxes.  It communicates “this is a sacred gift for your family”.

- Director from California