Led by Parents  - Shared as Family - Experienced at Home

Mend is a first Reconciliation family experience designed to equip parents to teach, share faith, and pray with their children as they lead 7 family meetings in their home through a variety of hands-on and innovative activities.


Families will encounter Jesus and experience the beauty of Reconciliation as it connects to daily life by forming clay, making field goals, reading Scripture, engaging in meaningful conversation, and much more. 

Watch families dive deeper into the incredible gift God gives us - Reconciliation.

available in two formats


-Hands-on, experiential, and engages the entire family

-Empowers and equips parents to teach,

share faith, and lead prayer

-Brings faith formation home 

-Everything is conveniently included in the box

 -Restores trust in a forgiving God in Reconciliation

-Pairs well with other curricula

-Doubles as parent faith formation 

-Accessible to families at different places in their faith journeys

Each family meeting includes: a gathering ritual, family check-in question, hands-on activity, concise teaching, and a closing prayer. 

The experiences covers the origin of sin and God's plan of reconciliation.

family meeting topics

Parent Meeting - Welcome Home

Meeting 1 - Handmade

Meeting 2 - The Fruit 

Meeting 3 - Lost and Found 

Meeting 4 - Washed Clean

Meeting 5 - The Goal 

Meeting 6 - Hearts and Stones

Meeting 7 - Healed 

Available as a bi-lingual resource. English and Spanish

ecclesiastical approval

Nihil Obstat: 

Rev. William Brewer Goldin, S.T.D.

Censor Librorum

August 12, 2020


Most Rev. Kevin William Vann, J.C.D., D.D.

Bishop of Orange in California

August 15, 2020

meet our team

Fr. Tim Donovan

Fr. Tim Donovan was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Orange in the summer of 2017. Before entering the seminary he was a youth minister and continues to have a heart for young people and their families. He loves cooking, playing music, the Church and spending time with his family. He currently serves as the chaplain of Santa Margarita Catholic High School and is the Founder and President of Faith and Family Life Catholic Ministries. 

Pam Hurwitz

A mother of two who has worked in ministry within the Diocese of Orange for the past 25 years as a youth minister, Diocesan Coordinator, and Family Life Director. She is currently a full-time speaker and facilitator of women's and family ministry throughout Orange County and beyond as well as the co-owner of Faith + Family Collective with her daughter, Jyllian Rhodes. Their passion is to provide practical resources and presentations for today's parents that support and encourage them to share faith in their homes.

Jyllian Rhodes

A graduate of Loyola Marymount University and Boston College, with a Master's Degree in Theology and Ministry. She has worked in ministry within the Diocese of Orange for the past 8 years as a youth minister, speaker, and young adult leader. She is the co-owner of Faith + Family Collective, which partners with schools and parishes to provide faith-based resources for parents and families.

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