Make a way with Endure, a post-wedding marriage formation experience for couples. Accompany married couples as they strengthen their relationships through fostering practical skills, intentional community, and mystagogical reflection. Watch couples be renewed and set on a path of deeper understanding about how marriage perfects their love, with Endure.   

At-Church Sessions
At-Church Mini-Retreat


Meaningful Activities

to engage the imagination

Couple One-on-Ones

to build intimacy

Witness Sharings and Guest Speakers

bring the concepts to life

Practical Skills Building

for marital success

Small Group Discussions

creating connections

Impactful Teachings

for couples at different places in their faith journeys


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Leader Guide


Our experiences and research has shown there are key moments along the life cycle that couples are longing for community and looking for marital support: the first five years, after the first child is born, when children move away for college, when the couple becomes empty nesters. Endure was written with couples in their first 5 years of marriage in mind, but with some adaptation it can be used with a wider audience.

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