Pathways is an integrated and family centered formation suite designed to facilitate a personal encounter with the Trinity and sustain a lifelong development of faith within the family. We are all at different points on the journey and a one size faith formation program does not fit all. This is a shift to a greater focus on parents as the primary educators of the faith. Create a path forward that is best for your families with our resources which include home and church experiences. Click on the logo of a particular program for more information.

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Progressive Formation

Initial Steps

Begin the journey by sitting down with each family for a 20-30 minute interview to check-in and assess where they are along the path. Then, invite parents and teens to experience a self-led inventory designed to facilitate a reflection on their experience of faith and what they desire moving forward.

A kerygmatic experience for children, teens, and parents, with age appropriate content for each.

A foundational catechetical experience focusing on the Creed for children, teens, and parents, with age appropriate content for each.  

Immediate Formation

Sacramental Preparation

A Baptism parent experience, with a special component for godparents.

A first Reconciliation family experience focusing on God’s love for us, the origin of sin, and God's plan of reconciliation.

A first Communion family experience that explores the beauty of the Eucharist and follows the structure of the Mass.

A Confirmation family experience, designed for teenagers, focusing on developing spiritual gifts and a life of discipleship.  

Ongoing Formation

Continued Growth

A weekly intergenerational discussion guide on the Sunday Scriptures.

A family experience about the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

A family experience about the Saints and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Digital Platform

Deliver content, communicate, and manage accountability all in one place. Required with our digital resources and can optionally be paired with our physical resources.    

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