Pathways is an integrated and family centered formation suite designed to facilitate a personal encounter with the Trinity and sustain a lifelong development of faith within the family. We are all at different points on the journey and a one size faith formation program does not fit all. This is a shift to a greater focus on parents as the primary educators of the faith. Create a path forward that is best for your families with our resources which include at-home and at-church experiences.

Unique Resources
At-Home Meetings
At-Home Mini-Series
At-Church Sessions
At-Church Mini-Retreats


A method to move parents into deeper engagement. 


Lead parents into personal encounter with Jesus and inspire a desire to go deeper. 


Form parents to have the mind of the Church and the heart of Jesus surrounded by an encouraging community.


Equip parents with concrete tools to teach their children the faith at home.


Understand the language we use by expanding the sections below.

  • Family Meeting
    • The Family Meeting structure includes: a gathering ritual, opening prayer, check-in, experiential activity, teaching, and closing prayer. Each family meeting is designed to take 20-40 minutes and is designed for the entire family to participate together.
  • Parent Meeting
    • The Parent Meeting structure includes: an invitation that often includes an activity to facilitate reflection and conversation and concludes with a prayer. 
  • Godparent/Sponsor Meeting 
    • The Godparent/Sponsor Meeting structure includes: an invitation that includes an activity to facilitate reflection and concludes with a prayer. 
  • Mini-Series
    • Mini-Series are a set of modules which are short, self-guided experiences designed to facilitate study and reflection.
  • Session
    • Sessions are facilitated by a leader and follow a similar structure to Family Meetings. It is a time to model the method in-person, grow community connectedness, and touch base with how the at-home content is going. They are designed to take 1-1.5h each.
  • Mini-Retreat
    • Mini-Retreats are an extended time to reflect and go deeper with the family in-person at-church.
  • Our progressive formation focuses on the initial steps of formation, the proclamation of the kerygma and a foundational catechesis on the Creed. It is meant for those who are new to the faith or have been out of practice for some time. Families that have participated in these steps and/or remain active in living the faith can proceed directly to immediate or ongoing formation. These families can be invited to help accompany other families by modeling and support.

  • Our immediate formation is focused on preparation for a specific sacrament and is designed to be experienced right before its reception.
  • Our ongoing formation is the part of our suite that will continue to expand and is designed to aid the lifelong development of faith within a family.



hand-on activities


tools to facilitate intentional sharing

Process Driven

follows the catechumenal method

Leader Guides

to help you lead each resource

Family Centric

move from classrooms to living rooms 


use one resource or the entire suite 


at-home and at-church components

At-Church Support Materials

with sessions and mini-retreats


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Design Your Path

Each resource is modular. They can be used individually or as a part of the entire suite. Pick the resources that fit your needs and goals to layout a process to follow.

Run a Pilot

Pick 3-5 families to experience the resources and get to know how they work in your community.

Host an Open House

Pick a weekend to show the resources to your parish after all the Masses and begin to recruit a team. Resources available in Pathways Leader Guide. 

Form a Team

Gather your team for some formation and discernment of where to best use their gifts.

Schedule Visits

Begin to meet with current families in your program to cast vision and receive feedback.


Initial Steps

Check-in with each family through a 20-30 minute visit to discover where they are along the path.

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A kerygmatic experience for children, teens, and parents, with age appropriate content for each.

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A creedal catechetical experience for children, teens, and parents, with age appropriate content for each.

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Sacramental Preparation

A Baptism parent experience, with a special component for godparents.

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A first Reconciliation family experience focusing on God’s love for us, the origin of sin, and God's plan of reconciliation.

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A first Communion family experience that explores the beauty of the Eucharist and follows the structure of the Mass.

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A Confirmation family experience, focused on developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit and a life of discipleship.

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Continued Growth

A family experience about storytelling and the parables of Jesus.

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A family experience about the Saints and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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A family experience about the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

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A family experience about the adventure of prayer.  

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A card deck to help commit prayers to memory.

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A post-wedding experience for couples in their first years of Marriage.  

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Resources to support married life.

Coming Spring 2024


Deliver content, communicate, and manage accountability all in one place. Required with our digital resources and can optionally be paired with our physical resources.

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A team formation experience consisting of a Mini-Retreat, 3 Sessions, and a Meeting Opener or Closer.

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Pathways Leader Guide

  • Overview of Approach and Method
  • Description of the Included Content Types
  • A Few Tips on How to Best Lead the Resource
  • Information on Companions and Catechists
  • Open House/Come and See Template
  • Logo Pack  
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