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Pathways is an integrated and family centered formation suite designed to facilitate a personal encounter with the Trinity and sustain a lifelong development of faith within the family. We are all at different points on the journey and a one size faith formation program does not fit all. This is a shift to a greater focus on parents as the primary educators of the faith. Create a path forward that is best for your families with our resources which include home and church experiences. Click on the logo of a particular program for more information.

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Not able to make one of our presentations or need more help? Watch a recorded webinar or pick a time for us to chat and we can assist you in developing the best plan for your parish or school.

Progressive Formation

Initial Steps

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Begin the journey by sitting down with each family for a 20-30 minute interview to check-in and assess where they are along the path. Then, invite parents and teens to experience a self-led inventory designed to facilitate a reflection on their experience of faith and what they desire moving forward.

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A kerygmatic experience for children, teens, and parents, with age appropriate content for each.

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A foundational catechetical experience focusing on the Creed for children, teens, and parents, with age appropriate content for each.  

Immediate Formation

Sacramental Preparation

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A Baptism parent experience, with a special component for godparents.

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A first Reconciliation family experience focusing on God’s love for us, the origin of sin, and God's plan of reconciliation.

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A first Communion family experience that explores the beauty of the Eucharist and follows the structure of the Mass.

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A Confirmation family experience, focused on developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit and a life of discipleship.

Ongoing Formation

Continued Growth

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A family experience about the Saints and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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A family experience about the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

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A family experience about storytelling and the parables of Jesus.

Other Resources

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Deliver content, communicate, and manage accountability all in one place. Required with our digital resources and can optionally be paired with our physical resources.    

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A team formation experience consisting of a Mini-Retreat, 3 Sessions, and a Meeting Opener or Closer.

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